Therapeutic Arts Life Coaching 1 on 1 Coaching Session

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Therapeutic Arts can help change your life for the better! How you can use your own creative powers to help you get through any stressful situation you encounter. Your creativity is a powerful tool that most people do not believe they have, it’s not about talent when it comes to healing yourself through creativity, it’s not about what the final outcome looks like. It’s about the journey, the thought process, the feelings that you discover, it’s about what you naturally release from deep within you. There are things that words cannot do, and this is how to discover and release without words. 


While working 1 on 1 we can focus on what really matters to you right now. Focusing on where you need to be to grow. This is not a pre planned approach of me trying to tell you what your life needs, it is us working together to focus on your goals, to help you get over lifes traumas, to boost your self esteem, to equipped you with new ways to heal yourself. New ways to release your tensions and adding relief to your life.

In these sessions we focus on how we can grow today. How we can get you using your creativity as a guiding light in your life.

I can help you open up a door inside yourself that you didn't know you closed so long ago. You see as children we lived in a state of exploration and expression, we played with crayons and used what ever colors spoke to us. As we grew older we were told that doing such things was childish and we needed to do adult things, there for leaving part of ourselves locked up inside not being able to speak or express yourself in those ways. Shutting yourself out. It is my job to let the creative inside of you out and teach you how to use her to enhance your life.

These sessions are not limited to just a 1 hour call, these sessions last until we can completed our goal set out at the beginning of the call. Some goals can not be reached in just 1 call and we know it takes time to turn something into a habit. I offer a 5 session package as well as a 10 session package allowing us more time and focus to help your learn how to maximize the powers of your creativity.