Explore Therapeutic Arts On Demand

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Welcome to this totally fun and life enriching mini program on Therapeutic Arts! 


In this fun and unique 7 day program, I will be teaching you how Therapeutic Arts can help change your life for the better!

How you can use your own creative powers to help you get through any stressful situation you encounter. Your creativity is a powerful tool that most people do not believe they have, it’s not about talent when it comes to healing yourself through creativity, it’s not about what the final outcome looks like.

It’s about the journey, the thought process, the feelings that you discover, it’s about what you naturally release from deep within you. There are things that words cannot do, and this is how to discover and release without words. 

 We will be exploring, journaling and art journaling techniques, self discovery and projections, healing your bodies stresses through movement and meditation.

By the end of this trial you will feel relief, you will feel more in touch with your subconscious and higher self, you will have new tools to de-stress your life all while discovering an inner power you never knew was so powerful.  


In this program you get to choose which lesson you want to do that day. Making this program tailored to your needs and what you need to conquer first, letting yourself focus on what really matters to you. 


During this program you will be asked each day through Facebook messenger which lesson you want to do each day for 7 days. Here is a list of the lessons you will

Opening Up Your Creativity – A guided meditation on connecting with your inner creative self. 

Love Struck – Nurturing your relationships, both present and future. 

Family Ties – Family is what made us, and how we leave our legacy, let’s honor our family, present and future. 

Work Project Clarity– Getting a clear and basic vision of our work projects when we need direction. 

Musical Magic and Your Body – Listening to your body, letting your body talk and release its tension. 

Healing Stress – Releasing from a stressful situation in a healthy way. 

Get Happy Quick – Creating a map of the path to happiness after any situation.  


Now you also have 2 options, to just do the trial alone, or to add a 1 time session with me to help you utilize this better in your life. This session can be applied to your personal life goals or your business goals all for a steal of a price saving you $33.33 on a 1 on 1 call.