Blue Ballerina Stretching

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If movements were sparkles then every dancer would desire to shimmer like magic.Β 


β™‘ This breathtaking Ballerina Stretching in a Blue Dress is getting ready to take the main stage.Β 
β™‘ Her heart is pounding.Β 
β™‘ Making sure her body is ready to do everything she has practiced.Β 
β™‘ All of her steps are dancing through her head.Β 
β™‘ All time has stopped for her in this moment to capture the feelings of determination and butterflies in her stomach.Β 

🎨She is made out of acrylic paint and glitter of almost every color to create a stunning and dynamic look to her dress. She is on a 24x32inch canvas. 

Please share this post so I can reach the perfect home for herπŸ’«Β