Beauty From Ashes 3 Day Intensive Group Program

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Beauty From Ashes 3 Day Intensive Course

Join me on a therapeutic art journey to heal over a specific life trauma in your past. This is a combination program of life coaching and art journaling.

In this program we spend time healing from 1 specific time or moment in your life. A moment that you can't seem to get over or move past. Getting all of the emotions out, saying good bye to the self limiting beliefs that came from this particular situation, exploring the feelings associated, disconnecting yourself from the negativity that came with it and finally releasing yourself of the powers this situation has weighed over you for so long and releasing them with your future.

Simply put, Art Journaling is a visual diary.

It's written journaling mixed with creativity! 
It’s a place to record your thoughts, memories, and emotions through images, art and words.

The #1 Rule of Art Journaling is… there are NO rules!


This program consists of:

- 3 1 Hour Video Sessions over the course of 3 days

- Journaling Prompts

- A Special Project to help you heal and stay focused on that you want in the future

Join me starting February 22nd at 2:30pm CST for your chance to learn the basics of how to use Therapeutic Art and Art Journaling to Heal. You can also watch the replays.

We will be focusing on... 
🖤 The Basics of Therapeutic Art
🖤 Releasing the pains of the past
🖤 Creating tools to over come any situation that bothers us
🖤 Creating Visual Magic that Activates a Different Part of Your Brain than just Regular Written Journaling