Artistic Fantasy Portrait Launch Full Package

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Each of my images is carefully constructed so that each element fits together perfectly to tell a story.

 These portraits come with an advanced amount of photo-shopping to an image which you choose or supply. Or if you are supplying images it is best to supply a few to choose from not every picture will work out properly or with certain backgrounds. These images have to be legally owned to you and if they are take by a Photographer you must own the rights to alter. 

 This is the perfect package for aspiring models to expand their portfolios, for the woman looking to celebrate her body, for the girl looking to find out how truly stunning she is!

These images are a labor of passionate creativity flowing at its finest. Each image becomes something magical. Reflecting the woman in a new light. It's a way of me being able to work with women all over the world to display their inner goddesses and have a constant reminder of their best qualities.

I often combine Illustrations, Vector Images and Photography into one final work of art. I have a passion for all 3, and soon realized that if I was creating fantasy work, it was helpful to combine all of them. I often uses models in addition to costumes, digital elements and makeup that help create the “fantasy” feeling. In post-processing.


My ability to take a model, idea, and location and turn it into something completely different makes me an INKredible and talented photo editor.


How do you feel about fantasy photography? Would you prefer to create an alternate reality throughout your photographs, or do you prefer to shoot scenes as they truly are? And how do you feel about excessive photo manipulation? While Adobe Photoshop opens up many doors that were not previously available, it also opens the door to heavily manipulated photographs – which some photographers believe isn’t “true” photography. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, it does take some true talent to create these magical portraits.


This package includes the following:

1 Photo shoot Session with a Green Screen Background

Photo Retouching, Color Correction, Subject Extraction, Alterations

3 Photo Element Background

1 Digital File for Social Media and Website Use

1 24x36 Canvas Print


Different elements include but are not limited to:





light flares

magic dust

background changes

background additions

background separations

lighting effects


and soo much more!

Each element is carefully selected for the compilation image, licensed, corrected for application, light adjustment, properly positioned for perfection. A process which guarantees 100% perfection and creativity.

With millions of options the possibilities are absolutely endless! Add as many or as few elements as your vision and budget allows. 

Models must come prepared, hair and makeup done, outfits can be changed into in studio.


This package is a $477.50CAD investment but it is currently 

On Sale for $400CAD

What you purchase from the website is a deposit, the rest of the payment is required on or before the day of the shoot and prior to the editing proceeds.