Aetheria Color Healing Session

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Color Healing is a gift from the Most High God, our Source Creator. He made colors to be more powerful than what we have been lead to believe.

During this session I will be taking your energetic body on a journey to the Healing Palace. This journey does not need you to be present, you can go about your day. I wish I could tell you exactly what I do with you in the palace but each visit is different and I merely take you to our Creator so he can do what ever type of healing you need. I have seen many different things on these journeys and I have watched many miracles happen.

In this place there are chakra balancing vortexes, energy tornados, a healing river and waterfall where Source purifies you, relaxing flower meadows that shower your body with healing colors and so much more.

Aetheria is a magical place where anything and everything is possible!

Feel free to relax, sleep or meditate while I perform these sessions, I will be performing them at 8pm CST, but this may become flexible to that evening. As with other quantum healing sessions you want to drink lots of water and sleep more if you need to.