Wow Business Branding Event

Get Ready to Give Your Business a Face Lift


If you are on a tight budget or you have a few dollars in your pocket, there is a lot of different ways to brand not just your business but your brand as well.

Join me on April 28th from 1-4pm SK Time for my Wow Branding Event to help you give your business the face lift its been needing.


When it comes to my Creative services it is my duty to make you look INKredible when standing next to your competition by helping you and your business reach your marketing and business goal by providing you with outstanding service, dedication and over 15 years experience.

I dream in advertising! From the moment I meet my clients my mind is constantly thinking about unique ways to make your business stand out and to fix a problem within your business. I have always been a creative person and that part of me has been constantly growing for 32 years.

There's a passion that I put into my work... the little extras that you don't see. The strive to give to others the gifts that I have to share. I'm constantly letting ideas wondering and grow into new creations. It's letting my mind cook up and idea and the finding a way to execute. It's problem solving while thinking outside box. Letting a combination of vision and exploration come out of each piece and project.



Spend the afternoon learning about branding in all the ways that attract your audience.

  • Your business needs branding
  • Your events need branding
  • Your personal style needs branding
  • Your environment needs branding

So let's clear the air.

Let's get you answers to all the questions you have.

Get you branding on a budget!

Pay What You Can!!
This event is sign up with donation of the value you would pay for this program. If you are a new business with a very tiny budget then this program will help you excel!! (Minimum $10 Requirement to Process)

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