Videography Experience

Videography is a passion spread from photography.








I began to play in this media back in 2001. I continued my journey in videography as part of my bachelors degree in Visual Communications. I love evoking emotion in people while using video. It speaks volumes!

I have made many videos based on the automotive industry. Commercials for events. 

 Notice in the video below how smooth  the footage and movement is even while being shot by hand proving that with the best software and the right camera you can turn any shot into something beautiful. Check out the flags to see how windy it was when I was filming, this video should have been a bumpy mess!


Compared to this windy disaster. Free programs do not have stabilizers.


I used to have to make 3 short videos minimum per week using a Canon Rebel and Sketchy Free Software and no matter how much it sucked to not be working with top of the line software I know have a great appreciation for having total control and unlimited creative options.

 Notice in the video below how the camera shakes, the transitions are hard and the text is more pixellated.


I tried my very best with the equipment that I had and the limits I had to live by when using free software.



It was at that point... I VOWED to Offer Better!

Because I now have everything needed to capture your wedding or special event with creative style, advanced technology and passion to give you beautiful art I can do so with confidence.

 Notice the higher end transitions, the camera tracking with the text, better layout options and higher end images.


Officially in 2019 I am evolving and returning back to my wedding photography roots by also offering wedding videos

I only use top of the line Adobe Cloud Programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effect for that extra magical touch. There is an unlimited number of transitions and effects when using Adobe Create Cloud.


 Hire one of the best cameras in the area!


 How amazing is our camera? Check this out this raw footage, uncut, unedited... look at all the details in this owls little feathers! So Impressing!