Light of Living Grace Prayer Channel


Welcome to the support page for Light of Living Grace Prayer channel!

This is where you can support this prayer channel so that God's good word and work can reach people who need him. Where you can support the channel by purchasing a wide range of fun products like t-shirts, mugs and so much more.
You can donate to the channel, buy videos to use in your church services and Bible studies and Sunday school sessions.




What is Light of Living Grace?

Light of Living Grace is a Prayer and Good Stories Channel that will offer Guided Prayers, Video Prayers, Testimonials, Bible Verse Videos, Quick Sermons, Full Sermons, Christian Music, Highlighting Christian Businesses, Christian Products, Videos of God's work in todays world and feel good videos that show off God's creations. 


A channel to assemble God's people together to pray for the bigger issues in this world, and support those who need more help than they think is possible.



Channel Mission

God gave us Power in Numbers! Let's use that power to awaken God's Grace during these hard times on earth. 

For every person out there feeling alone...

this channel will provide a community.

For every person feeling like they've been a bad friend...

they will find guidance here.

For every struggle you maybe encountering...

you will find inspiration and power amongst us.

For ever fear created by todays circumstances...

we will help you replace it with God's love.

This is going to be a community to find life inspiration, to celebrate your achievements, to help support the people of need no matter where they may be. To come together and pray for the big issues, and cause laughter and joy just moments later.


Currently Seeking:

Influencers in the following topics:



Protection & Safety

Guidance & Clarity

God's Warriors

Family & Parenting



Seeing God's Work


Exploring God's Beautiful Earth

Pre-existing Christian Content:

If you know of some really great content by really fun Christian people then I would love to share it on the channel. Youtube series are perfect but looking for permission obviously.


Looking for Voice Over Volunteers

If you have a fabulous voice that people love to listen to and have a little bit of spare time to read popular bible verses please contact me to volunteer, the more help the better.