How to Take Better Pictures of Your Kids Event

Your Family Memories Deserve to be Cherished, Captured and Remembered


Family portraits shouldn't be the only pictures that you show off to your friends and family. Your children grow, achieve accomplishments, celebrate milestones and do a ton of cute stuff everyday.

As a parent I want you to feel confident in taking these photos and proudly displaying them.

Join me on April 21st from 1-4pm SK Time for my Take Better Pictures of Your Kids Event to help you capture the special moments a photographer would miss.


When it comes to my Creative services it is my duty to make you look INKredible when standing next to your competition by helping you and your business reach your marketing and business goal by providing you with outstanding service, dedication and over 15 years experience.


my journey as a photographer started very young as well. You see when I was born my dad was a hobby photographer with his very own darkroom in our 1st home. I was the subject of many cute little shoots and also wanted to spend every moment in the darkroom with my dad that I could. By the time I got to high school the idea of photo development was very easy as I had grown up watching my dad. I will never forget the day that my dad tossed the camera at me and said the student had surpassed the teacher. My dad is my #1 fan and I am soo blessed to have him.

Creativity is my life, I started my artist journey as a very young girl sitting on my grandmas lap as she painted and spending time with my dad in his photography darkroom. 

Yeah! I was that lucky from day 1!

When my family started to see great talents in me it did not take them long to make sure I was always inspired and growing my talents. I never stopped growing my skills as I fell in love with so many creative outlets.

My creativity is like magic, it comes from a deep place in my soul, it swarms around my heart like glitter and comes out of me through my mind and my finger-tips. 



Spend the afternoon learning about all the ways to enhance the family photos that you take by:

  • Subjects, still vs motion
  • Camera Angles
  • Lighting
  • Apps and Filters
  • Getting Creative

So let's get you capturing the magic in your families daily lives.

Let's get you answers to all the questions you have.

Get you taking some awesome shots!

Pay What You Can!!
This event is sign up with donation of the value you would pay for this program. If you are a new business with a very tiny budget then this program will help you excel!! (Minimum $10 Requirement to Process)

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