About Bobbi-Jo


When it comes to my Creative services it is my duty to make you look INKredible when standing next to your competition by helping you and your business reach your marketing and business goal by providing you with outstanding service, dedication and over 15 years experience.

I dream in advertising! From the moment I meet my clients my mind is constantly thinking about unique ways to make your business stand out and to fix a problem within your business. I have always been a creative person and that part of me has been constantly growing for 32 years.

There's a passion that I put into my work... the little extras that you don't see. The strive to give to others the gifts that I have to share. I'm constantly letting ideas wondering and grow into new creations. It's letting my mind cook up and idea and the finding a way to execute. It's problem solving while thinking outside box. Letting a combination of vision and exploration come out of each piece and project.

I started my artist journey at the shocking age of 2 when my grandma started teaching me to draw at the kitchen table. Since those days I grew up taking extra art classes, excelled in art in high school and continued to on to art school for over 4 years achieving a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Arts in Visual Communications from Medicine Hat College. It was in college where I grew my skills to include drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, graphic design, videography and marketing just to name a few of the main assets.

Now I lives in a city close to my farm home where I grew up, settling just a few blocks from my grandma. Just as Black Ink Creative was starting to bloom and take shape I lost my grandma to a quick illness. But now my grandma lives on in my studio as I teach others to draw and paint at the very table that I learned at when I was 2 years old. She now understands what I really do for a living when I am not painting. 

On my career journey I have set out to better myself in professional ways that would make me a better entrepreneur. Over 10 years ago I learned how to give every customer 5 Star Customer Service training. I have learned so much about how to treat your clients to the best of my abilities and learned how to make my clients happy and feel INKredible! I learned how to make my clients happy. I have been practicing these skills and building upon them for over a decade and now I am proud to offer these skills to all of my clients. Teaching you all of my secrets and tricks to making your clients feel like they have all of your attention. These skills were amplified during my time in the Automotive Industry where I worked in Customer Care... A department made and designed just to make your clients happy. Making a new department is a lot like starting a new business... so by the time I started my business full time I had already helped build 1 business.

Aside from painting my journey as a photographer started very young as well. You see when I was born my dad was a hobby photographer with his very own darkroom in our 1st home. I was the subject of many cute little shoots and also wanted to spend every moment in the darkroom with my dad that I could. By the time I got to high school the idea of photo development was very easy as I had grown up watching my dad. I will never forget the day that my dad tossed the camera at me and said the student had surpassed the teacher. My dad is my #1 fan and I am soo blessed to have him.

Creativity is my life, I started my artist journey as a very young girl sitting on my grandmas lap as she painted and spending time with my dad in his photography darkroom. 

Yeah! I was that lucky from day 1!

When my family started to see great talents in me it did not take them long to make sure I was always inspired and growing my talents. I never stopped growing my skills as I fell in love with so many creative outlets.

My creativity is like magic, it comes from a deep place in my soul, it swarms around my heart like glitter and comes out of me through my mind and my finger-tips. 

Everything I do comes from a place of love and passion so deep for perfection.

Being a Creative Master is my goal and I will spend the rest of my life exploring the benefits, techniques of creativity. My skills and abilities that I have pursued and mastered are but not limited to...

drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, videography, dance, sound production, therapeutic arts, art journaling, marketing and advertising, holistic creative coaching and customer service.

These are my gifts to give to the world.

These are my passions.

These things are my life's purpose and I will spend the rest of my life continuing to master these skills, to teach these skills and to give them to the people that will cherish and appreciate me for giving them what I produce through my creativity.