Photography has been one of my passions for over 30 years now. I grew up with my dad being a hobby photographer and a passionate one at that. We had a dark room in our 1st home. I remember getting so excited to spend time with my dad in the dark room, curious little me wanted to be apart of every process but was better suited as an observer on a stool. Come high school and my 1st official photography class I was a pro... or so I thought, I was close! I knew what to do. I just had to master the lighting and exposure parts. Then when college came I was a boss in the dark room, so much so that I was asked to help other students when the processing machine was out of order.


“I do not take photographs, 

I create them from scenes 

I pull from the depths of

harnessed magical creativity

deep within me,

I direct them as they come

from my heart”.





Photographing everything from engagements and weddings, maternity and baby photos, graduations to just because moments. Capturing all the special moments is a big job and even with great cameras on the market you can not beat an artists eye. Lifestyle photography is becoming a popular trend to capture your favorite parts of everyday life. 


Fusion projects are also another option for you, combining both photos and video clips in a beautiful collaboration to truly capture these special memories to the fullest.


As a highly trained photographer and photo editor I will create an artistic portrait you will not forget!


Magical & Cinematic 

Artistic Portraits