Loasby's Fundraiser

When you buy a house but don't work at home you start dreaming of the day you can bring home a puppy.


Well almost 7 years ago this dream came true for me. The day I got a job in the city I went down to the SPCA and fell in love with a little puppy boy who was the only male in his litter.

Baby Loasby Video

I wanted him to have a unique name unlike any other because he meant something so special to me. I now had a partner in life to come with me all over. Loasby has always been a bouncing baby boy soo full of love. He made the best little foster daddy to so many little puppies and even kitties. He loved them all. It was his job to help me check on fosters, clean them up and help them get over their past if they were shy. When we brought his brother Timbit home he fell in love with him just as much as I did. We were now an inseparable trio.

Loasby and his Foster Kittens

Loasby Playing with Foster Puppy

We went everywhere together.
We did everything together.

Loasby is an adventurous boy. Going to grandpas farm is like magic happy words to him. The dog park is also one of his favorite places to go visit. When ever we go to the farm I can't get the door open fast enough. He has to go burning thru the yard at top speeds just to make sure everything is OK. Loasby and Timbit run together just 2 inches apart and loving every minute of it.

Loasby Running on a Farm

Loasby at Grandpas Dock

Loasby has always been very food orientated.
The day Pet Valu announced they were having a Dog Treat Eating Contest I proudly declared that other dogs shouldn't even show up, cause he was a hoover and gonna win the competition. And of course my little man did win! Loasby became the Dog Treat Eating Champion! And he loves being called mommys Champion.

The Video that made Loasby a Champion

Loasby has been my rock in many situations in life. He used to spend a lot of time with my grandma, and when she died, Loasby did his best to kiss every one of my tears away, I wanted him to know why I cried. So before the funeral I took him to show him. He jumped up to the casket, he kissed her, then jumped on me to kiss me and let me know he knew why I cried, and he cried with me.

Loasby's Visit from the Easter Bunny in Quaranteen

He tried to eat everything I ate. I swore he had an iron stomach cause nothing seemed to really make him sick. There was foods he just loved soo much.

But then he got sick. He stopped showing interest in food. And I started to worry. Maybe he wanted more of mommy food but I got him another brand of dog food, he tried to eat but wouldn't finish his food. He was getting sick so we rushed him to the best place for him. We raced him into the Langenburg Vet Clinic to see Dr. Audrey. They kept him for the day to rehydrate him and do some blood work. Later that afternoon he was looking better but we knew we had to leave him there as he was diagnosed with Pancreatitus. Something that was going to change his life forever. He has to stay there to get medicine multiple times a day.

I came home with determination.
He now needs a very low fat diet.
He needs an intense diet of healthy things, veggies, boiled and baked meat, special food from the doctor, herbs to aide in healing, gut health and digestion.
He needs veggies and things like pumpkin which are super healthy for his pancreas. I have spent days obsessing about the changes he will need and how I will give him everything he needs to never relapse.

Coming home without him is one of the hardest things I will ever have to do. But its the best thing for him to get better.
With a long vet stay comes with very large vet bills. Bills nobody expects. But when we love someone we give our everything to them. And with the help and support of our animal community and friends we can make him healthy and bring him home.

We are doing a fundraiser with help from Paws & Claws Animal Rescue and Pet Valu.

The prizes for the fundraiser are as follows:
1) Blue Ballerina Stetching Painting
A painting from the Sparklager Painting Series, this painting has hung in the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery, it is 23.5 x 31.5 inches in size.

Blue Ballerina Stretching Video

2) Pet Family Portrait Video
A 2-3 minute long video showcasing the loving relationship that you cherish with your pet. A beautiful keepsake you can keep forever to commemorate your love for your best friend.

Pet Version of This Type of Video

3) Photo Session
You get to choose between a session with 20 photos, a Goddess Portrait or a Children's Fantasy Portrait.


4) An Adopt Sweater from Paws & Claws Animal Rescue
There are many colors and size options to choose from.

You can buy a square, 1-200 for $15 All you have to do is message 306-621-0060 with the number(s) of the squares you wish to buy. You can send etransfers to blackink@hotmail.ca with the password LOASBY

If you have any questions about how Loasby is doing we get updates daily from Dr. Audrey, you can message me or Karen from Paws and Claws.

Loasby has been at the hospital since 1st thing in the morning of September 3rd. He had to spend his 7th birthday in the hospital, a day he usually gets spoiled and has his very own puppy safe carrot cake.

Loasby's Farm Birthday

Thank you to Sarah from Pet Valu for taking our case to the Pet Valu Nutritionist, he will have the help to find the best products safe for him and his condition.

Thank you to Karen and all of our friends at Paws and Claws for your support during this situation. We appreciate all of you so very much!

You can make a donation to Loasby's vet bills and future diet needs by clicking the button below.