Lifestyle Photography

I offer Lifestyle Photography because I believe in the power and the magic of the little moments, lifes little moments that add up and become your favorite memories. 


Well I want to be there to help you capture your favorite parts of life so that you can always go back to live them all over again.


You put soo much effort into making life great for you and your family, having adventures, enjoying parties, going on camping trips and before you know it these moments are all over.


Because from now on, I can be your creative family historian. Using my in camera skills combined with photoshop editing, I artfully document the special moment that matter the most to you.

Capturing love and life in a way that makes you feel as magical as it did living in the moment.


Fusion projects are also available from Black Ink Creative, combining both photography and videography to capture the moments just right! I create for you, your own little music video staring you.