Welcome to My Creative Life

2019 has brought so much change to me and my business.

In the past I was told that I had to many skills to offer, that I confused people.
So I stopped offering some of my most loved talents.

And it felt like cutting off limbs and chopping out vital organs.

I didn't feel like myself.

I tried to dream in ways I felt others would want me to dream.

And none of it worked. 
I felt broken. 
I was unhappy.

This group didn't work.
My business wasn't working for me.

So I took the leap, I told a certification program that allowed me to continue teaching creativity in a new way. And it feels amazing to teach and to help again.🖤

So I returned to another loved skill...

In January I felt it was time to get over my imposter syndrome. It was time to return to my 2nd creative love... photography. 
For someone who grew up spending time with my dad in his very own darkroom in my childhood home, I should never have felt like an imposter. Specially after moving home. But I knew people who already did photography locally.

So many digital cameras out there. But do any of them have my history and past experiences and training? 
I had to realize this. I had to admit this to myself. I had to remember what my past mentors have said about my skills.

So here I am. Embodying more creative energy than ever. Transforming. Accepting. And coming into my own true and higher self.

I have hired the perfect coach to help me level up to where I need to be in the x-months to come. Thank you Leslie for coming into this roll with such dedication and wisdom. It means the world to me to hit our goals.

This group is getting a face lift.

The purpose of this groups is now going to be focused on CREATIVITY and it will soon be renamed... my creative life 🖤

Sundays are for Organizing & Planning, because creative minds and spaces can get cluttered.

Mondays are for Design Inspiration, being one of my highly trained and experienced skills it deserves to be showcased early in the week.

Tuesdays are for Photography, because I love photography and editing. I am so passionate about creating magical and cinematic art portraits.

Wednesdays are for Branding, cause lets face it. Branding is key to making your business stand out, to being seen and it can be overwhelming.

Thursdays are for Therapeutic Arts. Coaching you through connecting to your creativity to enrich your life and heal/express yourself in ways words cant touch or explain.

Fridays are for painting. Because painting is a gift and I have so much to share. So many different styles, Sparklager Paintings being a style all of my own.

Saturdays are for exploring creativity in all its ways. Simple and uplifting. Exploring to master all the skills.

With these changes, now I have a reason to share and talk about my life. To share my passions freely. To feel comfortable in my own self.

I welcome you to stay in this group and to be inspired and to share the creative things that you create. 
I welcome you to stay and find inspiration. 
To learn. 
To grow.

If you choose to leave, thank you for being here all this time and for opening up your space to someone else. What is meant to be will always be.
Best wishes to you in the future.

And to the rest of us!