Growing to Create Happier and Stress-free Clients

Mondays are for Design Inspiration

Today has been full graphic design deadlines and new client connections.

Even after many years as a designer I have to take a step back and decide which path is easier and best.

Sometimes I can receive copy from clients and they do not bother to proof read until after the info has been placed into the design. I didn't want to offend my clients.

Something that I have to retrain clients on. It is an issue I have to decide to either refuse the copy until it has been proofed... or proceed to let the clients do things the longer and harder way.

The second choice has always been my choice because I didn't want to piss off my client by telling them to pre proof their words. But it is also the longest and most stressful route. So while trying not to insult my clients I have ended up frustrating them and myself.

But today I grew as a leader, I decided to put my foot down, to no longer accept copy that was not proofed. Why? Because I have decided that a faster process that is less stressful is the right way to guide my clients through their projects. I believe that this choice is the best choice of all. It will show me as a leader and showcase my experience. It is simplifying so that all parties are happy the 1st time. My clients deserve to love the process even if that means changing old ways that do not serve us.