Wedding Preview

What Can Your Local Family Videographer Do for You?

Consider me your Family Historian!

I will capture the events and milestones that matter the most to the people that you love. Take the joys that you experience while looking at photos and multiply that 20 fold because with videography you can relive every special moment.

These moments deserve more than pictures can provide, and hiring a professional such as myself you are guaranteed a higher quality product to cherish forever.

Hi! I'm Bobbi-Jo


Very creative and innovative photography and editing. Never had my son's picture taken this way before. So cool. Looks almost 3-D. Back for getting my son to be comfortable and had endless patience with my wiggly guy. I am definitely going back for more in the future.



Bobbi-Jo made our logo in a matter of hours. High quality work with attention to detail and consideration for logo usage. Thank you!



Bobbi-Jo is amazing. So fantastic to work with. She works WITH you, listening to your ideas, to figure out exactly what your vision is. I will be back for more as I expand in the future. And did I mention fast? Your will be blown away. 5 Stars. 2 Thumbs Up.


Creativity is my Super Power!

Creativity is my life, I started my artist journey as a very young girl sitting on my grandmas lap as she painted and spending time with my dad in his photography darkroom. 

Yeah! I was that lucky from day 1!

When my family started to see great talents in me it did not take them long to make sure I was always inspired and growing my talents. I never stopped growing my skills as I fell in love with so many creative outlets.

My creativity is like magic, it comes from a deep place in my soul, it swarms around my heart like glitter and comes out of me through my mind and my finger-tips. 

Everything I do comes from a place of love and passion so deep for perfection.

Being a Visual Communications Expert is my master and I will spend the rest of my life exploring the benefits, techniques of creativity. My skills and abilities that I have pursued and mastered are but not limited to...

drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, videography, dance, sound production, therapeutic arts, art journaling, marketing and advertising, holistic creative coaching and customer service.

These are my gifts to give to the world.

These are my passions.

These things are my lifes purpose and I will spend the rest of my life continuing to master these skills, to teach these skills and to give them to the people that will cherish and appreciate me for giving them what I produce through my creativity.